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         2017 ? Jiangmen Pengjiang district fcx Metal Structure Co., Ltd.   粵ICP備08130329號-1   Powered by www.300.cn


        ABOUT  US


        By concentrating on the development of the dominant industry, improving the comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the enterprises, we will make full credit become a century old enterprise with advanced management, efficient operation and industry-leading.

        To enhance the capacity for sustainable development, the good faith has been built into hundreds of years.

        To enhance the enterprise innovation ability, innovation has become a driving force behind the development of enterprises; the use of advanced management methods and means to improve the management level of enterprises; establish a scientific and efficient organizational structure and business processes, improve the efficiency of business operations; to create a good corporate culture, for the development of enterprises to provide spiritual motivation and entrepreneurial passion.

        We should establish the technical advantages of the industry to win the trust of the world.

        We should optimize the industrial structure, highlight the dominant industries, focus on developing industrial projects, seize the commanding heights of the industry and become the most trusted suppliers in the world.

        International exchanges and cooperation make the rich and honest brands world-wide.

        Actively with the international market, to carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation, to fully participate in the international competition, raise the level of enterprise; strengthen the construction of its own brand, establish a good image of the product and brand in the international market, the "rich integrity" brand into the national brand, entered the ranks of the world famous brand.